photo by Antonio Abadia 

Bay Area singer/songwriter Caitlin Glennon is back with another full-length release and ready for some more rock. 12-song Separate Grooves (11/2/16) was partly inspired by an on-sale Korg SV-1 purchase, showcasing her roots in classical piano with an added edge (think vintage analog electra and clavicord), and also inspired by straight ahead rock and roll guitar-based songs. Traces of the 1960s through the 90s can be found:  poppy punk rock, all-out jams, studio piano ballads, and even gentle acoustic picking; but with her voice and lyrics on full command, these songs are unmistakenly hers. A complaint on airline travel (TSA Patdown), a throwback to party youth culture (Young, Sassy & Drunk), and a somber take on the affordable housing crisis (Tenement Cove) are just a few standouts among an album of no-skips or clunkers.


Fellow East-Bay guitarist Alex Kenivel played a mean lead on 6 songs, and Svend Nielsen kept the groove on bass and on production. Nielsen can also be heard on her 2012 Hard Learned Truths, a combination of hard-rocking guitar songs, dance-driven synth tracks, and melodic acoustic songs all intertwined with thoughtful, passionate lyrics. She describes the litmus test for creating her songs: "I don't record anything that isn't catchy or hasn't been running loops in my head a couple hundred times. I also spend much more time on the lyrics than anything, and will wait until I think they’re just right, which can sometimes hold up a song from being finished for a very long time." 


Hard Learned Truths was the follow up to her 2006 4-song EP Someday We'll Be Gold which includes tight pop-rock Art School City and melodic synth-rock Every Day is a Dream, both which have been played on KALX's The Next Big Thing radio show. Songs off Hard Learned Truths have also been played on KALX and LA's The Independent FM radio and the title track was also played on an episode of the CBS show Revolution (2014).


Separate Grooves is a digital-only release featuring upbeat guitar-pop single Working for You and its amusing YouTube video. 


Caitlin is an independent artist. Contact her re: live shows (solo or with the Caitlin Glennon Band) or album/recording inquiries.